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A Unique Perspective on Curaçao's Coral Reefs



Curious about our kunuku (“garden”) below the surface? Then follow ‘The Suit’ for ten days from August 30 onwards as they enter the water at the easternmost point of Curaçao and snorkel to the westernmost tip of the island.

The Suit Curacao | The Snorkel Route

‘The Suit’ LLDS (short for: Longitude & Latitude Divers & Swimmers) represents a large group of volunteers and institutions who love Curaçao and want to make a tangible contribution to the promotion of our coral reef. ‘The Suit’ will snorkel approximately 100 kilometers while filming our beautiful underwater kunuku and the southern coastline. 


The objective: Produce a special documentary about Curaçao's underwater world with emphasis on the fact that Curaçao is a World Class Destination located in the heart of the Dutch Caribbean.  Additionally, this will also serve to highlight the fact that the plentiful marine biodiversity is not only attractive and available to scuba divers, but also to swimmers equipped the basic equipment of just a mask and a snorkel.  This documentary in turn then can be used for promotional and for scientific research purposes. 


The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) will premier the documentary this year in Orlando, Florida at DEMA 2019 where the CTB in partnership with the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association's (CHATA) Dive Task Force will have a spectacular pavilion to welcome the world and to reinforce Curaçao as a World Class Scuba Diving and Vacation Destination.  

Dive in and Join "The Suit"

  1. The snorkel trip starts on Friday August 30 at Oostpunt (Eastpoint) where ‘The Suit’ will jump off the Pelican Express into the sea. ‘The Suit’ will then cover a distance of 10km to Fuik Bay.

  2. Saturday August 31st is an off day for ‘The Suit’. That day will be used to evaluate the first leg after which the itinerary will be adapted if and where necessary.

  3. Sunday September 1 the voyage continues from Fuik to Marichi Beach (in Punda).

  4. On Monday ‘The Suit’ will snorkel from Marichi to Carmabi in Piscadera, making a little detour through the Anna Bay. Curaçao Ports Authority will cooperate by barring marine traffic in and around the harbor and thus ensure the safety of ‘The Suit’.

  5. Tuesday ‘The Suit’ goes on to swim from Carmabi to Vaersenbaai (Kokomo).

  6. Wednesday September 4 they will take another break.

  7. Thursday September 5 ‘The Suit’ will reenter the water at Kokomo and swim towards Karakter at Rif St Marie.

  8. September 6, the snorkel trip will start at Rif St. Marie following the reef with destination Sta Martha and from there the voyage continues to Lagun.

  9. September 7 will be a day off to prepare for the final day.

  10. The final part of the trip, from Lagun to the westernmost point, which is also the northernmost point of Curaçao, will take place on Sunday September 8.


On their way from east to west ‘The Suit’ will receive special guests at certain moments.

  • Bob the flamingo, together with his caretaker, veterinarian Odette Doest, will keep ‘The Suit’ company for a bit along the way.

The Suit Curacao | The Snorkel Route

‘The Suit’ is provided with a tracking system so they can be followed along all of the route. In addition, ‘The Suit’ carries bodycams as well as a handheld camera that aim to provide stunning vertical images of our underwater kunuku. Moreover, a camera team will swim along to collect the horizontal images for the documentary along the drop off and the blue edge as well as recording the progress of The Suit.


In this project, which has taken a couple of months to prepare, a large number of individuals and organizations have been involved among which: the Coral Restoration Foundation, the Sea Turtle Conservation, Carmabi, Bob the Flamingo, Kids for Coral, Foundation Uniek Curaçao, Bedrijven Platform Milieu, Coral Reef Game & Sinuhe Oomen, in order to bring the kunukus above and below the surface together and stimulate unity.


Except for the objective of producing a beautiful documentary about the Curaçao Underwater Kunuku that can be used as a marketing product by organizations such as CTB and CHATA, parts of the raw footage will also be placed at the disposal of Carmabi for scientific research as well as educational purposes.


Next to press releases by the communication team of ‘The Suit’, and interviews on radio and TV that will be conducted by their representative Frits Terborg. LOYALS will take care of the marketing and communication of this project and will provide information on a daily basis via the Facebook and Instagram accounts of ‘The Suit’.  

All photography and videography supplied by Turtle and Ray Productions HD. 

For the press, email of the representative of the project:

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