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The Suit Curaçao - Day 2 Summary

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Have you ever experienced the joy and excitement of the underwater world that lies just meters from the Curaçao coastline?

The world that lies just below the waterline here on Curaçao is a 360 degree kaleidoscope of colors and abundant life that keeps coming back once you immerse yourself.... where the ocean meets land. There is without a doubt; so much to see, so much to enjoy, so much to protect... and still so much to learn. This is WHY we’re filming this adventure and here is a little teaser from Turtle and Ray Productions HD, just to give you an idea.

On board the PELICAN EXPRESS, Captain "Jaro" (Robert van Hutten) took us to the ‘underwater kunuku’ today once the safety procedures and briefings were completed. ‘All aboard!’ was the call just to wake & shake everyone and be ready to splash where we stopped on Day 1.

Thousands of creatures guided us through what is their ‘underwater kunuku’ and showed us the value of what we have just below the surface. On a ‘only watch, but don’t touch’ basis’.

Then more excitement as we arrived at the Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park! Dolphin Academy, Substation Curaçao and Ocean Lens deployed their teams to welcome The Suit at sea. The Dolphins came by and interacted in an open water swim and while we were in the area, Substation Curaçao's famous Curasub visited us while tourists enjoyed the view from the Ocean Lens! Memories that last... yep forever!

All vessels: Pelican Express, the Galaxy from Ocean Encounters, kayak Anthony, Ryan de Jonge; vessel LIVE A LITTLE with Captain Roland Pietersz & crew; standup paddleboard Aart; EHBO CURAÇAO, all SUITS, did their utmost to guarantee safety and collect great images and footage for our defined goal: CURAÇAO UNDERWATER KUNUKU film.

We had SUITS everywhere... and nobody wanted to go home. But those Safety guys: wow! they are good, they’re serious and when they call enough is enough.. guess what: it ís enough!

And... THE SUIT CURAÇAO says Thank You Tony Soliana & team from LAMAN - OCEAN FRIENDLY RESTAURANT, for a wonderful healthy and delicious meal after a long day of diving & swimming.

Masha Danki to ALL THE SUITS for a super Day 2, from East of Fuikbaai up until the Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park.

Next on schedule: Day 3

Departing at approx. 12:30 pm from the Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park heading to Marichi then St. Annabaai, Megapier 1+2, then all the way West to the home of the CARMABI Foundation in Piscaderabaai. You are all invited to "sea, learn and listen" to the pros, to understand how the CARMABI Foundation contributes to our beautiful island of Curaçao!

Te mayan..

Follow this unique CURAÇAO adventure use the hashtag: #thesuitcuracao

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