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The Suit Curaçao - Day 7 Wrap Up!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Here’s a short Wrap Up Day 7, Saturday September 7, 2019

Today the journey continued. Leaving 9:10am from Santa Martha heading to Lagun.

Immediately after leaving the channel at Santa Martha, The Suit started to see and enjoy the incredible beauty that the old hotel on the cliff was named after, CORAL Cliff.

As progress was being made, working the way through the pounding waves and currents a nice surprise was to come swimming towards The Suit... yep! A mermaid! The Suit and The Suit Mermaid interacted, filmed and had a lot of fun! To be continued..

Curaçaos Underwater Kunuku gave us a lot to see, a lot to appreciate and to film again.

Arriving at and getting into the Blue Room was time well spent, and it was not easy to leave the area. But we were on a schedule as the Kids for Corals Curaçao was anxiously waiting for us at Playa Lagun and Bahia Diving. A nice group of divers and great leaders are behind this incredibly important initiative that supports and educates kids in schools about Curaçao's fringing reefs.

Kids for Corals Curaçao, a non-profit Foundation, is meant to give disadvantaged children a chance to learn the snorkeling skills and learn about the treasures we have in the waters around the island of Curacao and the importance of protecting this fragile environment. The Foundation gives these kids the chance to get out of their own environment and to teach them that they can be useful in the process of protecting the coral reef. The major goal of Kids for Corals is the awareness of maintaining our fragile coral reef for future generations.

For most of the kids it is the first encounter with the beautiful marine world. Most of them are amazed of what they can see under the sea level.

THE SUIT thanks all involved and will continue the journey towards the West. Special thanks to Bahia Diving Curaçao, David Livingston and Eloise Van Wickeren for today photo's and video. Also thank you to Coral Divers at Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive and Wellness Resort for supporting THE SUIT as well!

Tomorrow is Day 8 and that will mark the final day in this unique adventure where The Suit will start tomorrow from Lagun. Join us tomorrow for another amazing day and we hope to see you on the way to the finish line!

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