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The Suit Curaçao - Diving into Day 7!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

With Day 6 completed now, The Suit is ready to dive into Day 7 starting at Santa Martha Bay at 9:00am this morning with the goal of reaching Playa Lagun, the home of Bahia Diving and Apartments, by 12:30pm approximately. But... what is going to be interesting is the journey in between as The Suit will swim over some of the best dive and snorkel sites Curaçao has to offer including "The Blue Room - An Essential Curaçao Experience".

Leaving Playa Santa Martha, The Suit will immediately be crossing the easterly facing coastline known as "Mako's Mountain" heading towards the point called "Hell's Corner"where the strong currents can be unpredictable.

After rounding the point, The Suit will be heading into calmer waters sheltered by the ancient cliffs of Soto and swimming across two magnificent sites called Black Coral Garden and Rediho.

Black Coral Garden is a dive site known for its rare and nearly extinct black corals that can take over a century to re-establish. The skeletons of black corals are dark; hence the description as ‘black,’ but the polyps have varying colors — red, white, orange, green and yellow. Since they lack symbiotic algae, black corals can be found thousands of feet deep.

Next is Rediho, a very unique site because of the constant currents washing over the steep drop offs & beautiful weaving sand channels. With healthy soft corals and hard coral formations, the macro population is booming and like Duane's Release, a great environment for finding seahorses and frogfish.

After making the next turn and passing Duane's Release, The Suit will be heading towards the famous "Mushroom Forest" and home to an essential Curaçao experience, "The Blue Room".

Arriving at approximately 11:30, The Suit will discover, "The Blue Room", what is now one of the coolest and most talked about experiences in the entire Caribbean. Located next to Mushroom Forest at the end of a one kilometer stretch of land in the Santa Cruz area of Banda Abao, where you will find a small opening at water level that could be passed by easily without thinking too much about it. The Blue Room is easily explored by snorkelers and once you duck under the narrow opening, the small cavern opens-up to an air-filled chamber, complete with tiny bats. Only about 20-feet deep, it was a perfect jaunt between dives, and a good breath could take almost anyone to the bottom. The Blue Room has become an essential Curaçao experience. And, that light… unforgettable.

Continuing along in a westerly direction towards Playa Santa Cruz, The Suit will pass another Curaçao landmark known as Boca Santu Pretu & Playa Chikitu, where there is a 120 foot shipwreck of the Catherine. It lies upside down in 20 feet of water surrounded by colonies of Garden eels and is nicely encrusted with brain corals and sponges.

By approximately 12:15, The Suit should be passing the rocky shoreline of Lagun and entering the long, narrow channel of Playa Lagun, home to Bahia Apartments and Diving, where you will find a lovely beach that is quite popular with divers, snorkelers, fishermen and locals.

At 12:30, The Suit and Kids for Corals (Banda Abou), lead by Harold Welvaart, will be filming interactive moments of fun educational engagement with children to create awareness.

Join us for another amazing day and we hope to see you along the way!


Follow this unique CURAÇAO adventure use the hashtag: #thesuitcuracao

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