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The Suit Curaçao - Day 8 Wrap Up and Mission Accomplished!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Where the ocean meets land.. there is where so much happens and there’s where so much can be realized.

On September 8th, 2019, it was an early, nice and quiet day at Playa Lagun, the perfect setting to start the last leg of THE SUIT's journey over our coral reefs, along our south coast to interact with organizations and people.

We felt and still feel honored by the presence of our Prime Minister, His Excellency Eugène Rhuggenaath.

"Diving and Snorkeling in Curaçao is a million dollar experience, we invite you to come #feelitforyourself!", he says.

Additionally, we we honored by the presence of Veterinarian Dr Odette Doest, also the caretaker of "Bob The Flamingo" and President of the CARMABI Foundation Board; Mr. Ard Vreugdenhil, the big driving force behind Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao (STCC) plus numerous volunteers swimming; locals jumping in and joining, but the greatest honor and endorsement: tourists joining us for a snorkel trip too! How cool is that?!

As we passed Playa Forti and approached Playa Piskadó (Piskadó = fisherman) we were entering the turtle zone, an area where many turtles gather and can be seen from the beach, pier and boats.

As Ard Vreugdenhil from STCC was preparing to deliver a short speech for all of us he noticed a so called ‘hooked turtle’. Meaning that the turtle was wounded because a fishing hook got stuck in one of the fins. This had to be handled as a medical emergency. Dr Doest was present and immediately standing by. Ard succeeded in his attempt to grab the turtle, but the turtle switched to heavily protesting against this and luckily.... the circle hook came off right away! The turtle was then safely released that very same minute. Another great rescue or "save the turtle" action by STCC and Ard Vreugdenhil. Shortly thereafter we were drifting and listening to serious concerns and proposals by STCC on how to manage our turtle population.

Next stop on the coastal skin dive trip was towards GO WEST Diving, the center from which the mv PELICAN EXPRESS, mv PALAVOS with owners and Captains Jean Robert van Hutten and Luis ‘Manacho’ Lopez Ramirez operate and supported THE SUIT CURAÇAO from the early start of the project up until the very last minute. Masha Danki Jaro & Manacho!

Then there was the very last stretch for THE SUIT LLDS towards the western-most point of Curaçao, and then finally the northern-most point of Curaçao.

THE SUIT was accompanied by the PELICAN EXPRESS; C Rescue 1 by CITRO; kayaks by Ryan and Anthony and SUP Marius, with scuba divers in the water all the time.

The beautiful trip over Watamula (between the western-most point of Curaçao and the northern-most point) was a real treat by nature. It was a real ‘walk in the (underwater)park’!

Finally.. at 12.23 degrees North and then... the horns and the shout outs came: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Special Thanks to Gail Johnson for all the amazing Day 8 photo's and videos!

To be continued!

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