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The Suit Curaçao - Swims into Day 6

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

After completing an incredible Day 5 yesterday from Kokomo Beach to Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive and Wellness Resort, The Suit will continue west with the goal of reaching Santa Martha Bay. Departing from pier at Coral Diver's and Karakter Curacao at 9:00am, today's swim will be approximately 11km.

Highlights of today's swim will include;

By 10:00am The Suit should be passing Daaibooibaai and beach heading towards way-point 2, Porto Mari, which a very unique, diverse and popular Curaçao destination for beach goers and watersports enthusiasts. Porto Mari, also known as the Valley, is one of the top 10 sites on Curacao for good reason and one of Curacao's more beautiful fully equipped beaches, about an eight-minute drive from Willibrordus church.

What is interesting is that there is a "valley" between the two healthy parallel reefs, just off the shore of the beach, home to a wide variety of reef life. The unique double reef is accessible directly from the shore where you can cruise through the large schools of blue tangs and curious trunk fish who are exploring the man-made habitat balls.

Leaving Porto Mari, The Suit will swim past the scenic Playa Hunku (way-point 4) towards Cas Abao Beach, proclaimed to be the most beautiful beach of Curacao and is also in the top 5 of most beautiful beaches of the world.

“With its clear turquoise water, waving palm trees and white sandy beach, Cas Abao is a true paradise. Located at the northwest coast of Curaçao, the beach is ideal for swimmers with great reefs for snorkeling and scuba diving.” Forbes Magazine’s article – The Best Caribbean Beaches For 2019: The Ultimate List

By approximately 11:30am, The Suit should have entered the area of the San Juan Plantation which will be the longest stretch of the day covering approximately 5.5km. During this relatively isolated section, some of the most beautiful and privately owned property will be passed by including Playa Largu, Playa Shon Mosa, Playa Mansalina, Playa Boto and of course, Playa Grandi San Juan.

At approximately 1:25, The Suit should reach Playa Hundu with the next and final stop at Santa Martha Bay, which will signal the completion of the Day 6.

Stay Tuned... we will be be posting a summary later in the day!


Follow this unique CURAÇAO adventure use the hashtag: #thesuitcuracao

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