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The SUIT Curaçao - Here’s a short Wrap Up of Day 4, Tuesday 3 Sept 2019

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

We started where we stopped the day before, at the CARMABI Foundation in Piscadera. The Suit was welcomed by the scientists, students, crews, and even a local school group on a tour of Carmabi Education. Also present was Dr. Fleur van Duyl, an internationally renowed expert and researcher in marine life. After completing extensive research, she authored the Atlas of the Living Reefs of Curaçao and Bonaire. The Suit considers it a great honor to have met Dr. Fleur van Duyl.

After some early morning hot beverages under the trees seaside, The Suit loaded up and headed West.

Upon arrival in the Blue Bay Curaçao, The Suit got great company by staff and students from Blue Bay Dive & Watersports who kept following The Suit both swimming as well as by boat. That was kind’a cool!

While underway, The Suit had an unplanned rendezvous with an iguana. The SUIT immediately saw that the waves and the current was too strong for the iguana to swim back safely to shore and that drowning was about to follow. So "The Suit" decided immediately to rescue the distressed iguana. After some moments of ‘you’re going to be ok’, the iguana was safely brought to the shore where it managed to crawl and climb back up, free to continue on its day.

And then, the Wederfoort Family at Boca St. Michiel joined us with with a multitude of family and friends from the neighbourhood. They welcomed The Suit cheering on everyone involved. Dive legend, Eric Wederfoort and his wife Yolanda really surpised us! As The Suit was diving and swimming along the coastline, neighbors were waving, whistling, cheering and even a loud ‘vuvuzela’ sound was in the game! Dr. Alex Roose pumped a lot of air from his lungs through the vuvuzela. The Suit Divers, The Suit Swimmers, The Suit Operations & surveillance vessels and kayaks and paddle board all enjoyed this special act!

And the specials guests: "Bob The Flamingo" and his caretaker, Veterinarian Dr. Odette Doest. The story of Bob is incredibly beautiful and the tears roll off when seeing and hearing the story that can make sea-levels rise. The interaction between Dr. Doest and Bob The Flamingo is priceless. Dr. Doest rescued "Bob" because it cannot be returned back to nature as he will simply not survive. THE SUIT got company from Bob The Flamingo & Dr. Doest swimming a few hundred meters. What an honor that was! "Bob" is now involved in serious educational programs where Dr. Doest connects Bob to kids in schools through her awareness programs. Her foundation ‘Fundashon Dier en Onderwijs Caribbean’ fully depends on and welcomes donations to be able to fuel the foundations awareness programs.

As The Suit was approached Vaersenbaai, a.k.a. Kokomo Beach, underwater painting artist, Sinuhe Oomen was getting ready to swim out, dive down and paint under water. Mr. Oomen kept all SUITS holding their breath as they were watching how a new painting was about to emerge! Sinuhe Oomen, an experienced diver and artist, finally surfaced with a brand new fresh art piece reflecting what he saw below the surface - creating a vision that cameras cannot replicate. Thank you Mr. Oomen for producing this UNIQUE vision of Curaçao and for joining The Suit!

Back on land, a good power meal was served by the staff of Kokomo Beach Curaçao to rapidly replenish and prepare for recovery after .. another beautiful day!

Special thanks to Turtle and Ray Productions HD for producing this beautiful video recap of Day. Additionally THE SUIT thanks all involved and will continue the journey towards the West. PELICAN EXPRESS; OCEAN ENCOUNTERS; KAYAKS; SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board), all platforms & crews and paramedics from EHBO CURAÇAO did a fantastic job! Masha Danki!

Dig in dive in

Follow this unique CURAÇAO adventure use the hashtag: #thesuitcuracao

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