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THE SUIT Curaçao - Day 1 - Wrap up

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Prior to the departure on Friday August 31, 2019 - each and every SUIT had the honor to interact with The Prime Minister of Curaçao, Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath and The Minister of Economic Development for Curaçao, Mrs. Giselle Mc William as they officially visited The Suit Curaçao at the Pelican Express. An honor to all of The SUITS! We had great conversations and good laughs.

The Prime Minister of Curaçao, Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath and The Minister of Economic Development for Curaçao, Mrs. Giselle Mc William
Official Visit

After departing the Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park and on the way to Eastpoint (Oostpunt), we had friends of "Bob The Flamingo" following us and giving us great photo & video (see below) opportunities from the Pelican Express (Captain Jean Robert van Hutten) and the Curacao Galaxy from Ocean Encounters (Captain Jeremiah Peek)!

At approximately 9:30am, The Suit Curaçao entered the relatively rough seas of Eastpoint, where they encountered very strong currents, not only at surface level but deeper as well that kept carrying us to any and all directions except for the heading we wanted. Because these conditions, this resulted in delay from the start due to very little progress over time, covering very little distance.

BUT.... as we turned Eastpoint to slowly head West, The Suit Curaçao was able to catch up, making better time and distance.

Day 1 Impressions: 💙 “The coral reefs at Oostpunt represent a window into the past when Caribbean reefs were healthy and vibrant everywhere." What was down there to see was magnificent and will be brought to screens for others to enjoy as well.

Photos courtesy of Turtle&Ray Productions HD

Special thanks to the Pelican Express, Ocean Encounters, Turtle and Ray Productions HD, all the volunteers, C-RESCUE 1 by Citro Curacao, Ryan De Jongh, Bruce Brandt and all THE SUITS, did their utmost to guarantee safety and collect great images and footage for our defined goal: CURAÇAO UNDERWATER KUNUKU film.

What a great experience it was and is to be part of THE SUIT.

Masha Danki to all of THE SUITS for a super Day 1! #huntu #curacaoproud

August 30th, 2019 - Day 1 - The Suit Curaçao
August 30th, 2019 - Day 1 - The Suit Curaçao

Follow this unique CURAÇAO adventure use the hashtag: #thesuitcuracao

WHAT's NEXT - Follow on Sunday September 1st, 2019 when The Suit Curaçao continues, diving in at Fuikbaai with the goal to reach MARICHI.

Follow The Suit Curaçao's real-time progress via C3 Critical Communiation Caribbean

(please note: Tracker attached to the Pelican Express - valid location information only valid during the swim hours)

Join us on Sunday because The Curaçao Seaquarium Park along with Substation Curaçao, Ocean Lens Curaçao and Dolphin Academy has put a very impressive program together for THE SUIT | CURAÇAO UNDERWATER KUNUKU.... even the dolphins will join us along with the Curasub to follow THE SUIT Curaçao.

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