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The Suit Curaçao - Day 6 Wrap Up!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

One week ago THE SUIT Curaçao - started a unique Curaçao adventure. "The Suit" is a fictional, representing an incredible group of Curaçao citizens - volunteering their time and energy plus amazing private sector support/sponsorship to bring awareness to the beauty that lies just below the surface... and within steps of the Curaçao coastline.

The Suit serves his or her country by swimming, diving, filming, and documenting the underwater world of Curaçao. The Suit interacts with people and organizations on land as well. Anyone can be part of The Suit. It’s Non Profit nation building endeavor, to serve the country of Curaçao - which started officially from the eastern-most point a.k.a. ‘Kabes di Korsou’ in a ‘one size fits all suits’ heading West to the western-most and northern-most point.

Day six started at Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive and Wellness Resort, the home to Karakter Curaçao and Coral Divers. Tourists, locals and working staff cheered THE SUIT on wishing all in the water and aboard support vessels a safe trip!

The serious current on certain parts of the route tested The Suits but of course it was no problem for them, other then slowing them down at certain stages of the day.

The Suit Curacao - A Unique Curaçao Snorkeling Adventure

Fish, healthy fringing reefs, turtles, variety of jellyfish, nice size groupers all kept The Suits attention from the start until the arrival at Santa Martha Bay. But the incredibly healthy reefs is what stays in our memories! Priceless!

With two more days to go The Suit is now close to the completion of its journey through the Caribbean Sea on the south side of Curaçao. As of Sunday, The Suit will have a wealth of information of our underwater kunuku or forest, on land, from people and organizations serving underwater life one way or the other, packed in tons of gigabytes data.

Stay Tuned... Day 7 is starts at 9:00, today, Saturday September 7th, 2019!

Day 7 - Santa Martha to Lagun


Follow this unique CURAÇAO adventure use the hashtag: #thesuitcuracao

Photography & Videography courtesy of Gail Johnson

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